• The Athletic Side of Us collage
  • Mission

    TASOU - The Athletic Side of Us - mission takes into account the dynamic fluidity of our lives - that is us being fashion forward, while allowing the athletic, ever-evolving aspect of your personality to be reflected in your style -And by athletic we mean, all that you are.

    As humanity becomes more self-aware and conscious of the significant effect that we each have on the planet, we strive to take steps to improve the way we live. In the past and still in present, the fast fashion industry - as well as the cyclic, season-obsessed nature of the high fashion world - has contributed heavily to the devastation of the planet, since the industry is one of the biggest villains of high carbon emissions and pollution.

    With this in mind, each material in every piece of the TASOU collection has been sustainably sourced and produced, and are also made from recycled materials, in order to provide outerwear which is both fashionable, good for the planet and all living things that call it home.